Analysis – Rating

Analysis – Rating

Receive the upmost support through our Analysis & Rating tools for your customized video experiences.
Live video management, broadcasting and various other tools will enable your experience to be at a new level.

All Platform Data

You will have access to rating data’s from all the platforms including HBBTv, Satellite Tv, Web and Mobile.


Flexible and powerful


With real-time data provided through our Analysis and Rating tool, you’ll have the front seat.

The communication protocol in the software used in the backbone technology “Clou” is two way.

That means where the Clou streaming and/or data arrives, besides being interactive, all data aboutthe user behaviors can be and actually is being transmitted back.

In other words for streaming ratings and Adhoc services are available.

What is more the system offers gathering this data not only from a few thousand houses in Turkey as is the case at the moment; but from millions of Clou users on TVs, on smartphones and on PCs.

The information is gathered online; hence even momentary decisions can be made by broadcasters.

The system works not only on TVs but in all digital media as well. Thus the responses on smartphones and PCs are measured as well.

Besides the streaming, online and greater number of sampling is also priceless for advertisement owners. A great chance of having online evaluation of advertisements is also possible.

A detailed report that can be personalized and enriched will be prepared according to the demand to broadcasters, advertisers, advertisement owners and companies.

The live information flow and the flexibility is a great advantage.

Thus a TV channel may follow up its rating not only on TV but also would easily learn the rating on his broadcasting on PCs and smartphones.

Analysis & Rating

MobilTV, WebTV, Broadcast, HBBTV, SmartTV , STBOXE

You will be able to take preferred actions to increase the efficiency of the outcome of your business.

The mid‐20th century was a golden age for advertising, thanks to the proliferation of mass media.

Today, the digital media revolution is creating another boom. With the rise of the internet, social media, and advanced data analytics, brands hope to target their customers more than ever before.

Digital media represents the biggest revolution since the arrival of television. Digital advertising has rapidly narrowed the gap with television as the top advertising medium, aligning well with people’s media exposure.

The global advertising market is growing, much of it driven by digital spend, which forecast to grow at three times the rate of global ad spending.

Nowadays, brands need to take control over their media investments in order to win in the digital media revolution.

For this purpose, in order to improve the management of media investments, audience activities on all digital platforms should be known and analyzed in order to provide solid answers to frequently asked questions such as customer data, integration between media and channels, cost‐based correction.

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Audience Measurement

Audience measurement entails regular assessments of the size and composition of media audiences.

These are presented as syndicated reports used by advertisers and media industries.

The firms that produce reports can be thought of as a small industry deeply enmeshed in the media systems of most industrialized nations.

Their numbers, which include broadcast audience ratings, play an important role in shaping popular culture.

Audience measurement measures how many people are in an audience, usually in relation to radio listenership and television viewership, but also in relation to newspaper and magazine readership and, increasingly, web traffic on websites.

Sometimes, the term is used as pertaining to practices which help broadcasters and advertisers determine who is listening rather than just how many people are listening.

In some parts of the world, the resulting relative numbers are referred to as audience share, while in other places the broader term market share is used.

This broader meaning is also called audience research.

ClouPlay Product

Analysis – Rating

Receive the upmost support through our Analysis & Rating tools for your customized video experiences. >>>>

Live Reji Editing

With the Live Reji Editing service, you can montage with your existing content pool and work instantly with feeds from your Live Cameras and microphones.

Cross Platform Player

Cross Platform Player enables you to share your broadcast from a SINGLE panel to ALL the platforms seamlessly. (Mobil, Web, HBBTV ve SmartTv, StBoxe)


With our patented technology, you can encode your Live and VOD videos at an incredible speed, while at the same time, you can take advantage of up to 60% with its cost-effective structure.


You can create playlists while managing your channel.
You don't have to worry about the incompatibility issue, our solution works on all operating systems.


Ideal solution for our customers who do not have a Design and Developer team. You can manage your channel with the Video Management System interface.


One solution to reach ALL Platforms! With our new Multi-Platform service, you can share your videos on all platforms through a single interface.


Creator comes with a seamless architecture specifically designed to meet the requirements for Video Production, Management and Distribution.


Our Patented solution for HBBTv supported Smart Tv’s and Satellite receivers with access to internet. Enabling you to manage inclusionary online services.

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