HBBTv Server

HBB TV Server
Adressible Tv, Info Service, Micro Site, TV Suite manages our services on the Television headand (data center), HBBTv services through the ClouVMS Management Panel.

It offers an HBB Management Panel with a set of interface templates that can be filled with text, images, audio and video content via a responsive user interface for both desktop and mobile devices.

Addressable TV
Get your access to 
Customized, interactive adds can be placed into your TV programs.

You can manage the timing of the add and have
control over analysis and rating data's simultaneously.
With this capability you can have more control over
your cost on adds and increase the efficiency through
targeted marketing.

Age, gender, location data's within the relevant time
frames are all provided to you to make the most
efficient campaigns.


EDesign your stream, weather information, stock market feeds and HTML 5 games accordingly with the audience, based on location, gender and demographic information..


Get your access to VOD content from any web browser. Define paid VOD services and leverage your revenue through managing adds to your VOD stream.

Enables you to design instant surveys, ballots and Q&A modules, providing you a platform for an enhanced interactivity with the audience..


Polls , Q/A Modules
Conduct instant polls.
Design Training Modules.
Design Question and Answer modules..

Analysis Rating
Quickly access from all systems.
Design, test and publish now.
Take analysis and Raiting measurements.

ClouPlay Product

Analysis – Rating

Receive the upmost support through our Analysis & Rating tools for your customized video experiences. >>>>

Live Reji Editing

With the Live Reji Editing service, you can montage with your existing content pool and work instantly with feeds from your Live Cameras and microphones.

Cross Platform Player

Cross Platform Player enables you to share your broadcast from a SINGLE panel to ALL the platforms seamlessly. (Mobil, Web, HBBTV ve SmartTv, StBoxe)


With our patented technology, you can encode your Live and VOD videos at an incredible speed, while at the same time, you can take advantage of up to 60% with its cost-effective structure.


You can create playlists while managing your channel.
You don't have to worry about the incompatibility issue, our solution works on all operating systems.


Ideal solution for our customers who do not have a Design and Developer team. You can manage your channel with the Video Management System interface.


One solution to reach ALL Platforms! With our new Multi-Platform service, you can share your videos on all platforms through a single interface.


Creator comes with a seamless architecture specifically designed to meet the requirements for Video Production, Management and Distribution.


Our Patented solution for HBBTv supported Smart Tv’s and Satellite receivers with access to internet. Enabling you to manage inclusionary online services.

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Clou.Uk BusinessFi Media Platform ClouFan opened. In the Global Market Use our BlockChain infrastructure. Promote Your Company, Establish Partnerships. ClouFan is always with you. #blockchain #businessfi ClouFan BusinessFi Platform started to grow in India soon after...

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